Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Tips for Embroiderers

Oatmeal Linens with Bindweed, OR How To Position Designs.

This awesome photo-guide, showing the steps to position designs exactly where you want them to be, was kindly prepared by Bobbie Berry, who is the author of many beautiful projects from our gallery. Bobbie, THANK YOU!!!!!

Be sure to take a look at this tutorial - you can get it all just by glancing at the pictures ->

We've added lovely Guest Towels to our popular Oatmeal Linen series. You've already seen it once on a photo that was sent to us by Kim Banta - the towel features an WM monogram from 2-letter monograms category.

Take a look at these blank towels, and other matching items ->

Sunny Berries Collection Newbie

Another great option to decorate the Oatmeal Linens, along with the above-mentioned Bindweed designs, is this new collection of colorful strawberries.

This set is just made for the oatmeal linens - the style matches perfectly, and the colors party! These are 8 lovely, jolly designs, that are sure to spice up just about any kitchen ->

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Preparing to Christmas in August!

We've prepared a new Christmas collection, and hope that you will love it. We did our best to make it the most colorful and festive.

The set features extremely elegant shapes with Poinsettia flowers, golden curls, pine greens and pine cones. Very beautiful for anything Christmas!
The new "Poinsettia Gold" set perfectly matches the "Poinsettia Lace" collection and will look great on "Medallion Tree Skirt" and it's matching Tabletopper.
Visit the New Items for Embroidery page to see the latest stuff we get, and make available for you.
To completely stock up with supplies to stitch a "Poinsettia Gold Tree Skirt and Tabletopper" project, you only need to get some embroidery thread. We've prepared a combo thread kit that includes all necessary colors of polyester & metallic thread, to embroider the new Poinsettia Gold Set.