Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Designs in our Freebie Archive

There's an addition in our freebies archive - 3 new floral designs! We very much hope that you'd like them.

Curly Iris

The newly posted freebies ideally fit our design collections.

This design will compliment the following sets:
Iris Blossoms
Iris Lace
Iris Initials
Iris Art Nouveau Initials

All of these design sets together are packed onto one
Irises Deluxe Combo Pack CD, that allows you to save 50% of regular price!

 Spring Garden Border

This border design will fit several of our floral collections at once - with cyclamens and daffodils.
Freestyle Cyclamens
Cyclamens Lace
Cyclamens Combo

Daffodils Set 
Daffodils Lace
Daffodils Book Cover

 Cabbage Roses

We adore roses, and offer many project-oriented design collections with t hese flowers. This freebie is a freestanding lace design, performed in a very special technique. To learn about this in more details, please take a look at this "In-Hoop Lace Inserting Technique".

This rose freebie will also look great with designs from all of the following sets:
Rose Lace for Table
Rose Lace Inserts
Rose Lace for Lady
Rose Lace For Girl
Rose Lace Purse
Rose Lace Combo Pack

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Fairy Tale Set

The magic collection is finally back!

It wasn't available for a long while. This new, upgraded version has back-stitch added to highlight the contours of many objects. Also, the amount of jumps is substantially reduced, to make machine embroidery a pleasure. Take a look at this entire set >

The Fairy Tale Theater Project

This most unusual project was kindly sent to us by Sapphire Espinoz. Sapphire, thank you so much! The project is a huge veil for puppet theater, organized by Sapphire in her backyard. Take a look >

The fairy embroideries are from our The Fairy Tale collection.

Native American Borders

his also is an improved version of our very first, and very popular collection.

Use them as borders, or as separate designs - the appropriate files are included separately, to offer a huge variety of optional uses. Here is the complete collection.

We've also prepared a FREEBIE for you. It will fit well with the Native American Borders set.

Click HERE to download your free design.

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Kokopelli Fabric Bowl

This stunning project was also sent to us by Sapphire Espinoz. It's a beautiful fabric bowl in Native American style, featuring the designs from Native American Borders set.

As you can see, it's an authentic-style piece of home decor. Also quite an ea sy one to make - just follow Sapphire's instructions.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Golden Rome Monograms

You may now purchase the entire Golden Rome Font, or get only the
specific 2-letter combination that you need right now.
Of course purchasing the complete font saves you $ on the long term.

Also, for monogramming, consider getting the Framed Monograms.

Scalloped Edge Handkerchiefs

You may now get a new style of scalloped-edge hankies - they have a plain simple style, and are great for embroidery. They'll look awesome with Golden Rome Monograms, as well as with any other 2-letter monograms. Available in packs, by dozen.

Irish Linen Handkerchiefs

Our selection of Fine Iish Linen Hankies was expanded to include more styles.
These handkerchiefs are of fine quality, ideal for embroidering, and therefore make beautiful personalized gifts.
A wedding purse is not complete without a delicate feminine touch of a white lace handkerchief - an exceptional accessory to your wedding couture.

You may now purchase the hankies in new gift packs. Made from 100% pure Irish linen, these delicate handkerchiefs are beautifully presented, packed, and boxed.
Purchase 2 or 3 linen handkerchiefs boxed together for a more extravagant wedding or baptism gifts.