Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring & Easter Newbies!

Floral Corners
This first new collection features 12 gentle corners, adorned with flowers.

All of these designs are for 4x4-inch hoops, and are awesome for decorating Easter table.
This set perfectly fits for stitching on napkins, table runners and the like. It's also handy for various baby items, and for embroidery even on lightweight fabrics.
All colors that are needed to stitch these designs, are inside the
Pastel Poly Thread Kit.

Marigold Appliques
The second new designs set is also for spring - it's a jolly floral colection with Marigold flowers, designed in applique technique. It's for 5x7-inch hoops. Great for adorning tableware items and spring quilts!

All colors necessary for stitching it, are located in our popular Spring Poly Thread Kit.

Monday, March 23, 2009

2-letter monogram Font

The popular series of 2-letter monograms keeps expanding, and we've just added a new batch of previously missing letter pairs.

NEW Golden Rome Font
We're trying hard to monograms for everyone, and will be adding new ones monthly. But meanwhile, for people who didn't manage to find suitable letter combinations, we offer a new font, that allows unlimited possibilities for making 2-letter monogram pairs. This font is looks amazing when embroidered in metallic embroidery thread.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fast-to-stitch designs

NEW Birthday Gold

There's a new handy Birthday Gold designs collection ready - it's intended for making Birthday & Anniversary projects. Due to numerous requests, it's in the same lightweight style like our popular Christmas Gold set. These designs look great in metallic thread, stitch out awesome on paper, and are FAST to embroider.
The large Birthday Gold pack is divided into 4 small sets - Anniversary, Birthday Elegance, Birthday Balloons and Birthday Party. Hope that you will find among them the sets and designs you like :o)

These embroideries are designed especially for use with metallic thread.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Dealing with Metallic Thread

Here are several tips for working with metallic thread. These rules apply to any thread brand. We hope that they help you to get the best out of your metallic thread, because metallics really are more tricky than regular embroidery thread. If you experience any trouble with metallic thread, please try the following steps, in this order:

1. Make sure you are using a quality, new, SHARP "Metallic Needle." Metallic needles have a larger eye, which allows metallic thread to run smoothly. Often, this eye has Teflon coating, for even better effect.

2. If you see that the thread is coming off of a spool too easily, and is causing loops and knots at the very beginning, try using a thread net (spool net). These nets really help with looping issues, and they cost pennies. Here's how thread nets look like (the first photo shows a closeup of thread net on metallic thread cone, the second is a photo of cone with thread net in vertical position, and the last two pictures - in horizontal position):

Most metallic threads, especially the brands that have a high sheen and really are "metallic," have this looping issue. But it's easy to solve, while the benefits of using shiny metallic thread are huge. Another possible solution to "early looping" problems is to use a QUALITY vertical thread stand (thread feeder), since extreme looping is especially noticeable on machines that have horizontally positioned spool. If you have a good thread stand, try it.

3. Machine speed should be reduced. Turn on the lowest speed your machine allows, and observe the results. Increase the speed little by little, to the point when it begins to cause thread breakage. Now lower the speed down a bit, to the point of good performance.

4. Make sure top thread tension is low enough for a metallic thread. Usually, metallic thread require a lower thread tension than regular embroidery thread. Decreasing thread tension can also help guard against shredding.

5. Make sure that your DESIGN is suitable for metallic. Many designs work badly with any metallic thread. When working with metallics, avoid designs with following properties:

- Many overlapping objects that create 3 and more stitch layers
- Designs with many small stitches
- Designs with very dense areas

6. Make sure that you're using an appropriate backing. Metallic thread usually works MUCH better with backings that have a Viscose or Cotton component in them. 100% polyester backings are usually quite sturdy, and create too much friction with needle and thread. This friction can cause unwanted thread breaks. Whenever you can, use a backing with a viscose or cotton component. Soft cutaway backings usually work best with metallic thread.

7. Make sure that you're using a suitable type of fabric. One that is too thick or too dense, can cause unwanted friction, and therefore thread breaks. When working with metallic thread, always try to use soft materials and natural fibers.

8. Some metallic thread work better if they're cooled in a freezer for several minutes before embroidering. Happy stitching!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Flower Field Redwork Set

The new set for today is also done for people who like super-fast-stitching designs. The entire collection is designed in red-work style - only one thread color & ZERO jumps! The set includes popular field and garden flowers, and corners in similar style.
Very suitable for decorating various bed and table linens. The traditional colors are red on white or blue on white, but you may surely experiment!

This collection is awesome to stitch with polyester thread, which is now available for ordering by single cones.
The palette includes 140 colors, and you may now choose exactly the shades you like, according to your taste. So build your own thread kit, and have fun stitching with quality, bright and affordable polyester thread.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Daisy Fonts

To match the new Teatime Joy Designs, we've prepared two new fonts - one is in regular embroidery technique for 4x4-inch hoops. The other is in machine technique - and it's letters are larger for 5x7-inch hoops.

These fonts look especially great when each letter is done in different thread color.
Hope you will like the fonts - they are available separately here ->

Teatime Joy Set & Fonts

Teatime Joy Designs

There's a new spring-time set of designs ready. It features 15 colorful, bright designs for kitchen decor.

Part of those designs employ machine applique technique, and part are regular designs. Instruction of how to stitch the appliques, is included, so anyone who knows to operate his embroidery machine, will handle this easily.

We've also assembled a kit of polyester thread, which includes all colors for stitching the above-mentioned new designs. This kit includes 48 colors.