Friday, May 29, 2009

Mono-Dream Font & Frames

This new set featured 8 frames and an elegant font in 2 sizes. The frames are designed in one color, in traditional white-work technique. Great to personalize items for both men, ladies & kids!

To embroider this set, a 5x7-inch hoop is required. The letters may be obtained as Combo with the frames, or as a separate font. Max. letter height 1.9 inches.

The new Mono-Dream Font & Frames set we've released especially for stitching on guest towels. Use lettering to adorn your projects -guest towels look very festive when carrying embroideries of cut-work initials.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

More Projects

Today we've published several new projects, utilizing our embroidery fonts. They're all really interesting, and easy to do. Visit our project gallery to borrow a few ideas for where & how to use embroidery fonts.
This entire project was created by Nancy Athearn from Milton, Florida. Nancy emailed a very detailed instruction for making removable cover for round flat side lamp shade. We just put it here word in word. If your lampshade is in different shape, but still not too complicated for removable cover - you may use the same idea, just think how to make the original pattern in a way that is possible with your lamp shade.And this is what came out at the end - a lovely embroidered lamp shade, and cushion.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Grape Vine Gold set for Metallic Thread

This new set, digitized especially for embroidery with metallic thread. These designs stitch out extremely fast, without any jumps, can adorn a huge variety of projects. On free designs page you may download a freebie from this set, to try it prior to purchase.

Many of our design sets and fonts are created especially for use with metallic thread. Metallics add elegance, festivity and shine to any project. Visit the Designs for Metallic Thread, to see all embroidery designs of this category!

New Embroidery Project for Metallic Thread

Stylish Heraldic Decor Project in "Goth & Rock Pub" Style

Low-density designs may be embroidered on great variety of materials, including leather! This project was kindly sent to us by Gary Perkins. Gary utilized Heraldic Gold designs and metallic thread. A Fantastic project!
Gary manages a a big goth and rock pub, and he created these stylish accessories for a colleague. As you may see, these are pouffea, and couple of fringed cushions. They're made of artificial leather, and adorned with embroidery designs. The designs have been embroidered in metallic thread.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Embroidery Projects Newbies

3 new projects are really interesting. You may implement them following project instructions that are included on project pages, and by getting the necessary supplies and designs.

This project was created using two of our most popular sets - Victorian Whitework set and Puccini Lace Font. A stunning combination!

Be sure to visit this project's page - it's fantastically original, and is embroidered with designs from Oriental Caravan set.

Cozy for Cake Pan

And this project may become an amazing gift for practically any occasion. We have a huge selection of designs in cross-stitch technique.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Free-standing Lace Designs Newbies

We've prepared 2 small project-oriented sets. Both of these design sets support In-Hoop Lace-Insertion technique, allowing you to stitch the laces into projects automatically and very accurately. The embroidery machine does this for you!

Edwardian Tea-Rose Lace
This collection includes 4 lace designs - two rhombus-shaped inserts and two corners, adorned by gentle tea roses. This set is perfect for decorating ladies accessories, as well as tableware items and various other home decor accessories. Like cushions, lamp shades etc ->

Poppy Garden Lace
The second new small set will be a great addition for our extremely popular Poppies Lace set. It features 2 fancy designs - a square lace insert you see now, and a cut-work lace corner. They also ideally fit for stitching.
Remember that lace designs require water-soluble backing. To learn stitching standalone lace designs, and avoiding common issues with lace, visit this page & read our new help topic.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Machine Embroidery Projects Newbies!

Today we post 3 beautiful projects, which were kindly sent to us by Bobbie Berry.
These projects are easy to make, and look very impressive! All of them can make great gifts, and also decorate any home. Bobbie used standalone lace designs in all of these projects. Since these designs support in-hoop lace insertion, they were easily stitched into the fabric by embroidery machine, automatically!

The cushion is in tourquize-colored velvet, adorned with lace design from Dantela Blocks set, and trimmed with beautiful dolden fringe.

Continue reading ->
This beautiful handbag project, together with detailed instructions, was kindly sent to us by Bobbie Berry. Bobbie, thank you so much! As you can see from the photo below, this is a capacious bag in creme-colored artificial silk, decorated by crystals fringe, lace and cutwork designs. The lace id from Dantela Lace Blocks set, and the cutwork embroidery - from Dantela Cutwork.
Here'a a photo of ready bag, and the instruction follows ->

This gentle eyeglasses case, adorned by a baby-blue colored ribbon and Dantela Lace Square decoration, was sent to us by Bobbie Berry. Bobbie, thank you SO MUCH! It's beautiful!!!
Visit project page ->

Please visit our free-standing lace designs category, to pick up design sets that fit the style of your projects. Have fun!