Monday, June 27, 2011

White-on-Black Tote by Ruth Brown

The simple elegance of this tote bag reminds how beautiful minimalistic style can be. The black and white combination of fabric and embroidery loks great here. Ruth used Cherry Punch embroidery font for personalizing the tote.

Here is Ruth's detailed instruction for sewing the tote:
1. Cut fabric in 2 pcs 20 inches by 15 inches (or adjust to the size of market bag you want).
2. Find the center and about 8 inches down from top of fabric for the monogram.
Since my fabric is a rather heavy decorator fabric, I centered it over the hoop and used the "fix" on my machine to hold the fabric and extra backing in place.
3. After monogramming, stitch the 2 pieces of fabric face together on the sides and across the bottom.
4. Stitch across the bottom left and right sides centering the seams with a pin and then stitching across 4 inches.

5. Clip the very end off to make the bottom of the market bag lay flat.
6. Turn it right side out and pin the seam allowance to hold it until you assemble the bag.
7. Insert the lining bag into the monogrammed outside bag, pin, and stitch around the top.
My interior lining canvas bag was already prepared with a loop for the button and interior pockets.
8. Now, find the prettiest shank button for the closure!

Victorian Whitework Projects by Betsy Faske

Bridal Shower Gift by Betsy Faske

The embroidery designs are from our popular Victorian Whitework series - take a look at all of it's various designs 

This cool set of guest towels and matching pillowcases was created by Betsy Faske, as a gift for bridal shower. 

- Due to the high stitch count for the towels, Betsy floated 2 layers of medium-weight tearaway stabilizer below the hoop. 
- 100% polyester embroidery thread was used for this project, since polyester holds well in laundry.
- 3 layers of Water Soluble Backing was used on top of the towels, to prevent stitches from sinking into the terry cloth.

Victoriana Shirt

This incredible shirt was embroidered by Betsy Faske, the owner of Needles and Pins ( 
As you may see, Betsy combined several designs from Victorian Whitework series to assemble the huge ornament on back of the shirt. Some designs were stitched in solid burgundy thread color, while the other ones - with variegated thread. The multicolor thread is just amazing for those designs!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Victorian Whitework Designs

Oval Monogram Font
This super-practical monogram font is designed to allow you create all possible 2-letter monograms, because each letter is provided in two versions - oval top and oval bottom. It perfectly fits for embroidery on handkerchiefs.

Victorian Whitework Frames #2

We keep expanding this popular line of designs, and publish a new beautiful set called - Victorian Whitework Frames #2. You may also obtain it together with the above-mentioned monogram font, in one savings pack, called
Victorian Whitework 2-VL Frames
Please be careful not to order both at once, since there will be a duplication. These designs go great with the other - Victorian Whitework series.