Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Art Nouveau 2-letter Monograms

We've just released a new batch of
2 letter monograms in Art Nouveau style, and ALL letter pairs are there!
For your convenience, each monogram comes in 3 sizes, and they're good for 4x4-inch hoops.
Be sure to stock up, they can be
used to make beautiful New Year
gifts, birthday presents etc etc... -> 
To compliment and add a finished touch to the above-mentioned new release of Art Nouveau monograms, we've created a set of "Art Nouveau Monogram Frames".
There are 19 stylish frames in this collection -  each comes in 3 sizes, 5x7 hoop is required.
It's a beautiful & handy collection ->

And here is an idea for a beautiful project - it's for men, who're so deprived in our female embroidery kingdom :o)
It's a grooming kit. Take a look at the photos of it inside, and you'll get the idea. You may play with the size and various inside pockets, to meet your specific desires ->

This combo includes all of the "Art Nouveau 2-letter Monograms", as
well as the "Art Nouveau Monogram Frames". This saves you 70% of the complete design price.
A highly recommended pack - especially if you have a large family, many friends or a monogram shop ->