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Water Erasable Marker

This wash-away fabric marker is recommended for fabrics in relatively light colors (because it's blue, and the marks aren't seen very well on dark fabrics).

It goes away very easily once a project is finished. Just wash it under tap, with water, and it goes!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Save 30% on 5 Fonts + Letter M FREE/ Check out our Needles!

Save 30% on 5 Fonts!
Letter M FREE


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Packs of 10,50,100!
Sharp-Point and Ball Point!
90/14 and 75/11!

Organ Needles are the choice of many embroidery professionals and enthusiasts, because these needles tend to stay sharp longer, cause less thread breakage, and last longer than many other brands. These needles have a flat side ground on the shank to assure proper alignment with the point of the with the hook. For machines by: Bernina, Brother, Elna, Husqvarna, Janome, Necchi, New Home, Pfaff, Poem, Simplicity, Singer, Viking, White and more.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

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This page features all embroidery designs collections that are available in "Savings Combo Packs", with Up to 60% discount off individual collection prices.

Design COMBO packs are avalible on CDs only. We ship CDs worldwide.