Friday, November 9, 2012

Similar Sets & Fonts

Dear Friends Embroiderers,
First time, in a long period, we are making such a wonderful sale for designs all made in similar styles: Victorian Whitework LineMono-Dream LineVictorian Decor Line. You can save by purchasing the whole line of designs over purchasing them later, separately,  in a full price.

We also have launched an incredible special offer! When ordering our Pastel embroidery thread (24-color kit, 1100-yard cones), you will receive  an incredible CD with 14 new, beautiful designs for baby accessories.

Projects Club
We'd like to remind you about ours unique offer, that allows you to get as many designs as you wish, in exchange for something. Specifically, in exchange for projects photvos & instructions for our on-line gallery. Click HERE to find more information regarding our project club.

Have fun Embroidering!
Anna Bove & Team