Friday, December 31, 2010



Anna Bove & Team

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Art Nouveau 2-letter Monograms

We've just released a new batch of
2 letter monograms in Art Nouveau style, and ALL letter pairs are there!
For your convenience, each monogram comes in 3 sizes, and they're good for 4x4-inch hoops.
Be sure to stock up, they can be
used to make beautiful New Year
gifts, birthday presents etc etc... -> 
To compliment and add a finished touch to the above-mentioned new release of Art Nouveau monograms, we've created a set of "Art Nouveau Monogram Frames".
There are 19 stylish frames in this collection -  each comes in 3 sizes, 5x7 hoop is required.
It's a beautiful & handy collection ->

And here is an idea for a beautiful project - it's for men, who're so deprived in our female embroidery kingdom :o)
It's a grooming kit. Take a look at the photos of it inside, and you'll get the idea. You may play with the size and various inside pockets, to meet your specific desires ->

This combo includes all of the "Art Nouveau 2-letter Monograms", as
well as the "Art Nouveau Monogram Frames". This saves you 70% of the complete design price.
A highly recommended pack - especially if you have a large family, many friends or a monogram shop ->

Monday, December 13, 2010

Home Decor using Embroidery Fonts

Here are a couple of beautiful curtain ideas that were kindly sent to us by our customers.

This organza curtain decor panel was embroidered with our Victorian Glamour font, and trimmed with long fringe in same color like the organza fabric. To embroider the letters on this delicate facric, water soluble stabilizer was used, and then washed away.

The second curtain project with Art Nouveau 2-letter Monogram, authored by Belinda Ernest, is a bit more complex. And below come the instruction that the author generously shared:

1. On the Dining Room Drapes, I used Simplicity pattern 5865 and altered the pattern to lengthened the side pieces to reach just below the windowsill.
2. I purchased decorator jacquard that was fairly thin and lined it with another thin jacquard.
3. I cut out the squares indicated on the pattern instructions.
4. Using my embroidery software, I enlarged the design until it was 5 inches tall and fit my 5X7 hoop.
5. Taking one square and hooping it with medium weight tear away, I embroidered the design.
6. I removed it from the hoop and tore away the excess stabilizer.
7. Turning it face down, I gave it a light steam pressing. Then I sewed the 2 squares right sides together leaving a small hole for turning right side out.
8. After turning, I sewed the opening closed and pressed. Then, according to the pattern, I folded the square until it resembled a jabot. Pressed again. It came out beautifully!

And here is another project by Belinda - a tablecloth decorated with our Chocolate Punch font.
1. I purchased 3 yards of 72inch wide fireproof table cloth polyester from Hancock Fabrics.
2. I then sewed a 2 inch mitered corner hem all around the fabric (I have a very long table). Then I used a decorative stitch from my Elegante’ sewing machine to cover the plain stitching I did on the hem.
3. In my embroidery software, I combined some heirloom flower designs with the Anna Bove Chocolate Punch “E” to make my corner designs. I picked colors for the corner designs from the Drapes so the table cloth would match.
4. Then I did several tests to make sure I really liked the colors.
5. I used a wash-away stabilizer to do all of the embroidery on the table cloth. The fabric is fairly see-through and I didn’t want any stabilizer to show when I was done. I cut away the excess stabilizer when all 4 corners were complete and then laundered it.
6. I did a light steam press on the back of the designs when it came out of the dryer and it was done.

Home Decor Ideas & Gift Ideas with Fonts

Here are some more beautiful cushion ideas for using embroidery fonts, for both making gifts, and for decorating your home. All of them were kindly shared by Bobbie Berry. Hope that you like them!!!

Olive silk cushion with 3-letter monogram, assembled from Barocco Initials font:

A set of white silky pillows & turkiz velvet pillows, with Colorful Butterflies and Dantela Cutwork embroidery, and Cherry Punch Initials:

Magenta Silk Pillow, with aster embroideries from Aster Decor designs set, and Aster Font:

Another olive-green pillow with gorgeous variegated trim all around the cushion, and an embroidery from Precious Moments Font.

Fast Personalized Gift Ideas

These two guest towels were embroidered by Bobbie Berry with Mono-Dream 2-letter Monograms and letters from  Blossoms Font. Great fast projects for making gifts. The embroidery was done using wash-away backing, that was later removed.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Friends! We are happy to congratulate you with a wonderful Holiday, Thanksgiving Day and wish you and your family lots of luck and fulfillment of all your desires.

We've prepared a small gift for you - a design, which you may use as a photo-frame, for scrap-booking, for holiday quilts etc. In fact, namely these memories remain with us once the holiday is over.

Click to Download Your Gift

The design is created in the Victorian Whitework Style, and it fits 4"x4" hoops.

If you like this free design, please VOTE FOR US. This will help others find us. Thank You!

Nautical-Style Pillows

These two beautiful projects of nautical-style pillow was kindly provided by Betsy Faske from

Within the first pillow, Betsy combined a duplicated mirrored design of an Eagle from our Heraldic Gold set, and then added one of the calligraphy designs below the mirrored Eagles.
The pillow is made out of 2 linen towels which have woven stripes on them. Betsy stitched the pillows together on the lengthwise sides, faced both outer edges, added buttonholes & buttons, and then put the pillowform inside.
As you may see, due to the combination of navy blue color on the linen towel, buttons and the embroidery, the pillow has that nautical feel:

The second pillow is even more amazing. Take a look. Although this time Betsy used designs from Grapes-N-Wheat design set, which feature grape vines and wheat, but the style is still the same!!! Moreover, when looking at the pillow, the central design may remind a steering wheel, which is a popular nautical motif :)

Project Club Newbies

A Shirt with Poppy Blossoms

This beautiful shirt was stitched out by Betsy Faske from, using our Poppies Blossoms design set. Betsy also stitched a 7/8-inch-wide grosgrain trim on the sleeves and back yoke, along with a pre-programmed decorative stitch of her sewing machine, as the ribbon's edging. The basic white buttons on the shirt were also changes to red button, to coordinate with the PoppiesBetty mentioned that this shirt has brought a LOT of comments from people who see it :)  Everyone likes the combination of light green, dark green and red. Betty, thank you for sharing!

Cowboy-Style Shirt with Flowers
This bright blue shirt is adorned with the Fantasy Flowers designs.
The photo was kindly sent to us by Betsy Faske, who created the original for herself, and ended up with doing 2 more copies for other people, who loved the shirt :)  As you may see, some parts of the flowers are stitched with metallic thread, which adds them some extra sparkle and festiveness.

Super-Pink Sweatshirt Cardigan

This colorful sweatshirt cardigan was embroidered with Fantasy Flowers designs on both the front and back. The photo was kindly sent to us by Betsy Faske. Betsy, thank you for sharing the photos!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Combo Designs CDs

We've added several new combo CDs especially for Christmas, and also turned on additional discounts for many Combo Packs. We highly recommend to check these offers out. When buying these Combo CDs, you save up to 70% of original design price. These are plain bargains!

This Christmas Stockings Combo CD features 11 gorgeous designs of stockings, as well as 15 small motifs in similar style. The technique is machine cross-stitch, 5x7-inch hoop required for stitching the stockings. You may examine the included collections in detail below:
- Christmas Stockings
- Woods Stockings
- Tiny Christmas Trifles

This Poinsettia Gold combo CD includes a Christmas-season collection of festive project-oriented designs with Poinsettia flowers and pines, as well as a perfectly matching font. 5" x 7" hoop is required. You may browse the included collections below:
- Poinsettia Gold Set
- Poinsettia Gold Font

This Vintage Christmas Combo CD includes 9 stunning Christmas designs - various winter motifs, and beautiful Santa Clauses. They are in vintage style, cross stitch technique, 5"x7" hoop. The included collections are available for detailed viewing here:
- Vintage Christmas
- Special Santas

Embroidery Font Newbie!

We've just published this new Poinsettia Gold Font, to compliment the popular Poinsettia Gold design set. So they go great together! The font features 26 capital letters, 6.3 inch height.

This font looks especially beautiful when some of the elements are stitched with Metallic Thread.

Metallics add sparkle and festiveness to Christmas projects!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Witches Dance Halloween Freebie!

Dear friends, Happy Halloween!
We've prepared a small gift design for you, towards the holiday. It features three witches dancing in full moon night. The design is for 5x7-inch hoops, in cross-stitch technique. It's provided in three count sizes - 14, 16, 18. Have fun!

Available formats: Art, Pes, Hus, Vip, Shv, Dst, Exp, Jef, Xxx

Click HERE to download your gift design.

If you like this free design, please VOTE FOR US. This will help others find us, and allow us to keep growing. Thanks!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Snowflakes, Snowflakes, Snowflakes!

Snowflakes are special. It's hard to stop looking at them, and there are never "too many snowflakes". Today we publish 3 new collections of snowflakes - all different and beautiful.

The first one is fulfilled in red-work technique, and features 12 openwork snowflakes. It's a great set for quilting projects for Christmas.

The second is designed especially for embroidery with metallic thread, and includes 12 snowflakes designs, each one in 2 sizes. This set will perfectly fit the style of our Christmas Gold and Poinsettia Gold collections.

And great news for owners of 7x7 and 8x8-inch hoops. You may also purchase this set, with Super-large Snowflakes for your hoops!

And the third snowflake set includes a total of 46 snowflakes designs - in various sizes, shapes and styles.  It requires a 5x7-inch hoop, and is designed in traditional white-work technique.
All of these new snowflake collections will give you endless possibilities for creating your Christmas and Winter projects:)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Mono-Dream Collections

The New Mono-Dream Collection is made especially for making 2-letter monograms. The new set includes 8 beautiful frame designs, to fit the letters and small letters of Mono-Dream Font, rotated by different angles. The set features frames that suit for both men and ladies.
It makes a great final touch, and allows to personalize so many gifts! It can also be used to decorate lady bags, purses, diary covers and the like.

The new 2-letter Monogram Collection will look great if embroidered on Guest Towels.
You may stitch the initials of your family members, or of some long awaited guests. When buying a 6 guest towels pack, you will receive a 20% discount for buying the new designs collection.

New Mono-Dream Keys set can add a lovely vintage scent to your projects. It's also designed in Mono-Dream style, to fit the other Mono-Dream Font and Frames and Mono-Dream Set collections.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Project ideas with Fruits, Flowers and Berries

Here are some lovely examples of kitchen projects, adorned with designs from Fruits and Berries, All About Violets and Strawberries collections.

We hope that they will give you more ideas of where and how to use these designs. All of these projects were created and kindly shared by Viveka Berg from Sweden. Viveka, thank you!

Memory board and key holders:

A kitchen set of runner, placemats and pot holder:

A lovely kitchen quilt with Violets designs:

They stitch out great using our 100-color thread kit.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Art Nouveau Cross-Stitch Alphabet

The new Art Nouveau Cross-Stitch Alphabet includes 26 Upper & Lower-Case Letters and 9 Decorative Frames.

The letters were made in a cross-stitch technique, in a 3 different sizes (counts).  More information for cross-stitch designs you can find in our help topic Secrets of Machine Cross Stitching.

Because of their shape, they can be perfectly embroidered as a book-covers, book-marks, wallets, and also for decoration of a sewing accessories.

We have made this font specially to our Art Nouveau Garden Set.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Art Nouveau Lamp Shade

This, very interesting Art Nouveau Lamp Shade project we received from Jenni Isfan. Jenni bought a round lamp shade from Wisconsin Lighting. Then she embroidered our Art Nouveau Garden trees on a nice piece of fabric, attached this fabric to self adhesive shade base, and added 3D Art Nouveau Butterflies from the same designs set, for beauty.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sewing Kit Gift Project

This, beautiful project we received form Lucinda Fowinkle. This kit would be a great gift for anyone who sews or does needlework. The case is a convenient way to keep up with scissors, thimble, needles, tape measure, etc.

Lucinda used the design from Sunny Summer Borders collection. We also provide you an author text with instructions.

The case has two deep compartments and two shallow ones for smaller items. The case depicted was made from a solid linen-look dish towel, but any medium weight fabric can be used.

15 in x 23 in piece of fabric
15 in x 11.5 in fusible interfacing
Sticky stabilizer
1 yd ribbon

1. Attach fusible interfacing to wrong side of half of the piece of fabric.

2. Fold in half along the interfacing edge with right sides together and stich 1/2 inch seam around three edges leaving a small opening to turn right-side-out. Hand stitch opening to close.

3. Embroider design from one of the stitched edge corners (corners away from folded edge).

4. Attach ribbon with a zig-zag stitch centered on the embroidered design and the length of the case.

5. With the embroidered side down, fold bottom edge up approximately 5 inches making sure that the embroidery design is centered on the case. Top stitch edges down to form pocket. To form compartments stitch again dividing the case into thirds. Finally, stitch down the center and across the center one third to form the two shallow pockets.

6. Insert sewing items. Fold case into thirds wtih the embroidery design on the outside. Tie ribbon to close.

Lucinda, Thank you so much!