Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wheat Field Cut-Work

Dear friends,
A new lovely set of wheat designs is ready, and you may get it to use for Christmas presents and tableware.

There are 7 designs included. You may embroider them as cut-work, or the regular way, as you wish. These wheat designs are wonderful for tableware, kitchen stuff, and even for decorating cushions.

We hope that you like them, and that your loved ones will enjoy these embroideries already at this Christmas!

Have a wonderful day!
Anna Bove Company LLC.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wheat Field Poppies

We Present to you our new regular fill design - Wheat Field Poppies. 6 magnificient designs that are both freestyle and project-oriented. A great find for kitchen stuff, gardening accessories and tableware!
We've updated the "Font Mania", and uploaded FREE samples of 5 next  fonts, which you may download totally free. Check out the letters, and if you like them, you are welcome to purchase the complete font, too. Or any other font that 
fascinates you :o)
Visit this link to download the freebies:

Have a great day!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas is Comming

Christmas is Comming

We've just published a new set of designs, Christmas Scenes which is perfect for Christmas, and also for other seasons. It's featuring Biblical scenes related to Christmas - annunciation, nativity, magis etc. A total of 12 beautiful designs. 
Also, Check out our new
10 adorable designs with green frames will fullfil your holidays with joy.
We've updated the "Font Mania", and uploaded 5 new lovely
font letters, which you may download totally free.

Check out the letterss, and if you like them, you are welcome
to purchase the complete font, too. Or any other font that
fascinates you :o)
Visit this link to download the freebies:

Have a great day!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Thread Sale on Anna Bove Embroidery

Last day of  the Great Offer

Today is the last day you can purchase 100-Cone-Poly-Thread-Kit for only $117.40 and get a bonus CD - Christmas Blocks Set FREE!!!.
 You save more than $70. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Thread Kit Special

Due to these magnificent upcoming holidays Anna Bove decided to spoil you with a great offer for 3 days. When you purchase 100-Cone Poly-Thread Kit for only 117.40 (regular $157.90), you will also receive our new amazing Christmas Blocks Set (regular design price $29.90) FREE. With this offer you are able to save more than $70.

Remember offer lasts only for 3 days.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Similar Sets & Fonts

Dear Friends Embroiderers,
First time, in a long period, we are making such a wonderful sale for designs all made in similar styles: Victorian Whitework LineMono-Dream LineVictorian Decor Line. You can save by purchasing the whole line of designs over purchasing them later, separately,  in a full price.

We also have launched an incredible special offer! When ordering our Pastel embroidery thread (24-color kit, 1100-yard cones), you will receive  an incredible CD with 14 new, beautiful designs for baby accessories.

Projects Club
We'd like to remind you about ours unique offer, that allows you to get as many designs as you wish, in exchange for something. Specifically, in exchange for projects photvos & instructions for our on-line gallery. Click HERE to find more information regarding our project club.

Have fun Embroidering!
Anna Bove & Team

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Halloween Is Here!

Halloween Design Sale
Dear Beloved Friends Embroiderers, we are here to announce that we have launched an up to 80% sale for the Halloween Designs. 
"Trick or Treat" Bag
In addition we are happy to introduce a new Halloween project from our beloved Bobbie Berry. Thank you Bobbie!
Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Halloween Special

Hallow Mals
Dear Friends-Embroiderers! Today, we'd like to introduce our new collection "Hallow Mals" which were planned specifically for the Long Waited Halloween. In following 3 days you are able to get the "Hallow Mals" Collection ABSOLUTELY FREE to ANY order over $11.

All you need to do is to put the Hallow Mals Collection with the other items which you are planning to order in to your shopping cart and enter the following coupon code HALLOWOVER11 during checkout.

Happy Embroidering!

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Grape And Wine
Dear Friends Embroiderers, As we know, the fall is almost here, and to face it with an honor we have prepared a new collection: Grape and Wine
The new collection has a light density designs and embroidery real fast. It was made to bring joy and happiness to those who embroider. 

Fall 24-cone Polyester Thread Kit Special
By purchasing a fall 24-cone Polyester Thread Kit you will get our newest Grape And Wine collection FREE. Happy Embroidering!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Christmas in August on Anna Bove Embroidery

Dear Friends, we are here to announce that Christmas preparations are in a full strength at Anna Bove Embroidery and we have published a new Christmas collection in appliqué style with usage of gold Metallic Thread

This new collection includes 12 applique designs of Christmas Holly with few snowflakes made in the same style. The snowflakes will be a perfect addition for all your winter projects. 

To embroider Christmas Holly Applique Collection you may use our Poinsettia Gold Thread kit, since it is perfectly suited to do so. More information about Applique style you may find at our web help topic "Applique Technique".
Now on Sale!
In addition, all of the Christmas Designs can be purchased by the sale price of up to 80% off and Metallic Thread with a 20% off sale price. 

The Sale will only last for one week, therefore, please hurry, you don't have much time to satisfy your embroidery hunger. We assure you, you will find everything you need for the Christmas Preparations since we have a grate selection of designs, monograms, and supplies. 

Also, please don't forget to visit our embroidery Project Gallery, which could throw you couple of ideas and inspiration.  
Happy Embroidery!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Darling Collections on Anna Bove Embroidery

Darling Machine Embroidery Set

 Dear Friends, We are here to announce our 3 new collections 
made to be embroidered on Garments and Other Items 
for Babies and little Kiddies. 
These collections include lovely designs of butterflies, bunny rabbits, 
and etc,  decorated in flowers for our beautiful kiddies.
Butterfly Vignette
 Also, If you change the thread colors in this collections, 
you may use them on a ready items for christenings.
Darling Good Night Machine Embroidery Design Set

This collection includes 5 designs of Cute Bunny Rabbits. 
The designs are perfect to be embroidered on bedclothes 
for babies and little kiddies.
Darling Twins Machine Embroidery Design Set

 These collections were made especially for those who 
have twins. It includes 6 designs: 3 for boys and 3 for girls. 
The designs are very bright, decorated in flowers, and will have 
a very impressive look on products for little kiddies. 
All designs embroider very fast, since they have not much 
thread changes.
Happy Embroidery!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Project Club Update on Anna Bove Embroidery

Dear Friends. Today, we have published 4 new projects of our contributors: Bobbie Berry, Sally Red and Annie Madapallimattam. To see these beautiful projects click on the images below. Please don't forget, that our website has a project club, and every one of you could send us photos of your projects and receive a $25 coupon for purchasing designs. For more information please follow the link to our Embroidery Project Club page.
Gaelic Heritage Embroidery Project
Table Runner Embroidery Project
Tablecloth with matching table runner
Table Mat For Afternoon Tea - Embroidery Project

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

100-cones Poly Kit Special on Anna Bove Embroidery

100-cones Poly Kit Special on Anna Bove Embroidery
Dear Friends! We are here to announce our new special offer: By ordering 100-cone polyester thread kit by  $135.90 you will be able to choose, from the options provided, any TWO free 2012 year collections, plus free shipping in U.S. NO coupons needed.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Machine Embroidery Fonts

New Machine Embroidery Fonts
Dear Friends, Today, we'd like to announce our 3 new fonts: Georgian FontBelle Epoque Font, and Caroline Font. They are made in an antique hand embroidery. Each includes 26 individual letters in 3 different sizes. These 3 new fonts could be purchased in one COMBO CD with an opportunity to save 30% off individual set prices.  Also, be sure to visit Embroidery Project page at our website to find many different ideas on how to use our fonts. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer Designs Sale on Anna Bove Embroidery

Summer Designs Sale
Dear Friends! We are here to announce a summer design sale for all Fonts and Design Collections in the following techniques: Cutwork, Cross-Stitch, Lace, and Applique
Designs published from 2008-2011 years, you may purchase with a 60% off, and designs published in a year of 2012, with a 40% off – the highest discounts in this year. 
Special offer – when buying embroidery designs for more than $100, you will receive a free CD buck up. This offer valid only for the U.S. orders whiles the summer design sale last.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Last Days Supplies Sale on Anna Bove Embroidery

Dear Friends! We are glad to announce another offer made for you in honor of independence week. Today and 2 closest days (7/8/2012-7/10/2012) you will receive our new Celtic Font for free on any orders over $150.
Don’t forget, that the sale for the main embroidery supplies (tear away stabilizers, metallic threads, polyester threads, and etc) is still running. Those of you who will make an order only for embroidery designs, the bonus design will be sent in separate email with a custom link for downloading Celtic Font
This special offer is valid from Today till Tuesday July 10th Inclusively.
Happy Shopping!

Friday, July 6, 2012

2-letter Monograms Project Ideas

Dear Friends. We have collected some ideas/projects on how to use our 2-letter monograms. All project photos were sent to us by our customers.
The shoe idea with an inserting bag filled by dried lavender was created by Bobbie Berry. The bags for the dried lavender Bobbie embroidered separately with a monogram and then inserted it in to the shoe.  This project is very easy to perform and is a good gift.

Golden Rome Monograms
Art Nouveau Monograms

The next two projects are curtain and pillow with a monograms used as a regular decoration designs. By looking at these projects we could tell how originally this monogram use method looks.
Art Nouveau Double Monograms
Art Nouveau Monograms and Art Nouveau Monogram Frames

Here is a one more idea on how to use 2 letter monograms. If you are planning to have a trip and you like to personalize your items than this idea is a perfect match for you. The following bags were made especially for the electronic books, kindles. 
Art Nouveau Monograms and Art Nouveau Monogram Frames
King's Monograms
Golden Crowns

This mystique purple-golden vestment was created by Adrienne Ferrell for a priest - a truly amazing project!  The Vestment was decorated in a Christian Symbols and HIS cryptogram in center. In HIS symbols collection you will find several similar designs. If you are interesting in making cryptogram projects than be sure to visit the Christian Monograms collection page where you would definitely find more designs. 
Christian Symbols
IHS Christograms Set

The easiest way of using 2 letter monograms, for your own purposes or as a gift, is to embroider them on a Guest Towels
A Family Tree Monograms
Antique Style Monograms

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Independence Day Supplies Sale

Independence Day Supplies Sale
Dear Friends, Happy 4th Of July! To honor this patriotic day from Today, July 3, till Tuesday, July 10, we will run a sale for most of our embroidery supplies.  The sale includes most necessary items for every embroiderer, such as: Polyester and Metallic thread, Tear-Away and Water Soluble stabilizers, Needles, Thread Nets etc...

In addition, for the whole week, all U.S. orders over $100 will be eligible for a free shipping & handling. This offer is valid for all supplies. All you need to do is to choose necessary supplies and at a check out, type in appropriate text box the following promotional code: 100SHIP. Happy Shopping!