Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sewing Kit Gift Project

This, beautiful project we received form Lucinda Fowinkle. This kit would be a great gift for anyone who sews or does needlework. The case is a convenient way to keep up with scissors, thimble, needles, tape measure, etc.

Lucinda used the design from Sunny Summer Borders collection. We also provide you an author text with instructions.

The case has two deep compartments and two shallow ones for smaller items. The case depicted was made from a solid linen-look dish towel, but any medium weight fabric can be used.

15 in x 23 in piece of fabric
15 in x 11.5 in fusible interfacing
Sticky stabilizer
1 yd ribbon

1. Attach fusible interfacing to wrong side of half of the piece of fabric.

2. Fold in half along the interfacing edge with right sides together and stich 1/2 inch seam around three edges leaving a small opening to turn right-side-out. Hand stitch opening to close.

3. Embroider design from one of the stitched edge corners (corners away from folded edge).

4. Attach ribbon with a zig-zag stitch centered on the embroidered design and the length of the case.

5. With the embroidered side down, fold bottom edge up approximately 5 inches making sure that the embroidery design is centered on the case. Top stitch edges down to form pocket. To form compartments stitch again dividing the case into thirds. Finally, stitch down the center and across the center one third to form the two shallow pockets.

6. Insert sewing items. Fold case into thirds wtih the embroidery design on the outside. Tie ribbon to close.

Lucinda, Thank you so much!

Black Lingerie Laundry Bags

Project, send by Patty Gaugler is difficult to embroider, and requires a good knowledge of materials you use. But, the result is worth it! Patty, Thank you so much for your photos and instructions.

Lower, we provide an author step-by-step instruction. Please send us you projects, read more about our "Project Club".

Materials needed:
Black fabric “fishnet”, either cotton or synthetic
Zipper 14 “ or longer
Serger to finish the edges
Black organza scraps
Black sewing thread
Art Nouveau Garden Set

Cutting and Sewing:
Cut a piece of fabric 30” by about 13. It can be any size you like, a smaller bag holds nylon stockings, a larger bag would be nice to wash delicate blouses. Cut a piece of black organza to go on the back. Use a piece large enough to fit in your hoop, then cut it smaller after embroidering. It will stay permanently on the inside of the bag and you won’t see it.

Hoop the fabric with the organza. I didn’t need any additional stablizer, but you may want to add some water-soluble stabilizer. Sew a single design. Unhoop, trim the organza around the design leaving about one inch.

If your zipper is longer than you need, you can stitch across the bottom to make a “stop” and then cut it shorter. If you used a metal zipper, use pliers to remove some of the teeth before you try to sew across that spot. Or you may trim off the top of the zipper after sewing it on.

Sew the zipper to both ends. Then fold in half and sew up the sides. I used a “stretch” stitch on my sewing machine, it’s like a narrow zigzag. Then serge around the edges.

I made two bags, to use two designs. One is for my sister. ;)

Monday, August 30, 2010

NEW! Cross-Stitch Borders

Cross-Stitch Borders traditionally embroidered on the table linens and towels, we specially has moved all our borders in a special category. In that category you were able to find Floral, Art Nouveau, Egypt  and Native American style borders.

Today, we have add a new set - Farm Animals Borders.

The set is very bright and joyful. Farm Animals Borders includes 7 borders and 16 single designs. For more comfortable embroidering of borders, please read our help topic of "Precise Designs Positioning". It can help you to deal with connecting borders details. This designs will look awesome on any folk projects or on any kitchen linens.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Project Ideas

Today, on our blog we will add some new projects. All of them are dedicated to embroider on linens, and can gave you many interesting ideas.
Thank you very much, to those who have send us their projects. They are beautiful!

This project we received from Bobbie Berry. Thank you Bobbie!

Bobbie used our "Art Nouveau Double 2-letters Monograms" and show us two ways of how to use the double monogram....both as a monogram and as a border. It is very interesting Idea.

To make a same project you will need:
- Art Nouveau Double 2-letters Monograms
- Guest Towels

The author of this project is also Bobbie Berry. She adorned the place-mats with designs from Mono-Dream Set. On the photo you'll see that before embroidering, Bobbie has printed the template of chosen design, found the right place to embroider, and only then she start to embroider that design.

More information of How to Position Designs you can find in our help topic.

To make a same project you will need:
- Mono-Dream set or Mono-Dream Font & Frames
- Oatmeal Table Linens

This is a very interesting project along with instructions was send to us by Judy Symalla. Today we publish the text we received from an author:

"I am so excited to share with you what I did with the Water Lily design set that I purchased from you. I right away knew I wanted to make a table topper featuring the lilies that would be perfect for a cabin on a lake or any table for that matter.
I purchased a fine quality ready made napkin to use for my embroidering.
I printed the motifs from the design pack that I wanted to use at approximately their actual size on printer paper.
By laying the printed motifs on the napkin I was able to have an approximate idea of what I wanted my finished project to look like."

"I resized some of the lilies to make them different sizes.
I made my flowers yellow and white because that is what we have here in the midwest.
I used a periwinkle thread for the second thread on the dragonflies instead of the gray.
I had to rehoop several times to get all the lilies and dragonflies stitched on the napkin.
The whole family loves the results."

To make a same project you will need:
- Water Lilies Set
- Oatmeal Table Linens