Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Friends! We are happy to congratulate you with a wonderful Holiday, Thanksgiving Day and wish you and your family lots of luck and fulfillment of all your desires.

We've prepared a small gift for you - a design, which you may use as a photo-frame, for scrap-booking, for holiday quilts etc. In fact, namely these memories remain with us once the holiday is over.

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The design is created in the Victorian Whitework Style, and it fits 4"x4" hoops.

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Nautical-Style Pillows

These two beautiful projects of nautical-style pillow was kindly provided by Betsy Faske from

Within the first pillow, Betsy combined a duplicated mirrored design of an Eagle from our Heraldic Gold set, and then added one of the calligraphy designs below the mirrored Eagles.
The pillow is made out of 2 linen towels which have woven stripes on them. Betsy stitched the pillows together on the lengthwise sides, faced both outer edges, added buttonholes & buttons, and then put the pillowform inside.
As you may see, due to the combination of navy blue color on the linen towel, buttons and the embroidery, the pillow has that nautical feel:

The second pillow is even more amazing. Take a look. Although this time Betsy used designs from Grapes-N-Wheat design set, which feature grape vines and wheat, but the style is still the same!!! Moreover, when looking at the pillow, the central design may remind a steering wheel, which is a popular nautical motif :)

Project Club Newbies

A Shirt with Poppy Blossoms

This beautiful shirt was stitched out by Betsy Faske from, using our Poppies Blossoms design set. Betsy also stitched a 7/8-inch-wide grosgrain trim on the sleeves and back yoke, along with a pre-programmed decorative stitch of her sewing machine, as the ribbon's edging. The basic white buttons on the shirt were also changes to red button, to coordinate with the PoppiesBetty mentioned that this shirt has brought a LOT of comments from people who see it :)  Everyone likes the combination of light green, dark green and red. Betty, thank you for sharing!

Cowboy-Style Shirt with Flowers
This bright blue shirt is adorned with the Fantasy Flowers designs.
The photo was kindly sent to us by Betsy Faske, who created the original for herself, and ended up with doing 2 more copies for other people, who loved the shirt :)  As you may see, some parts of the flowers are stitched with metallic thread, which adds them some extra sparkle and festiveness.

Super-Pink Sweatshirt Cardigan

This colorful sweatshirt cardigan was embroidered with Fantasy Flowers designs on both the front and back. The photo was kindly sent to us by Betsy Faske. Betsy, thank you for sharing the photos!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Combo Designs CDs

We've added several new combo CDs especially for Christmas, and also turned on additional discounts for many Combo Packs. We highly recommend to check these offers out. When buying these Combo CDs, you save up to 70% of original design price. These are plain bargains!

This Christmas Stockings Combo CD features 11 gorgeous designs of stockings, as well as 15 small motifs in similar style. The technique is machine cross-stitch, 5x7-inch hoop required for stitching the stockings. You may examine the included collections in detail below:
- Christmas Stockings
- Woods Stockings
- Tiny Christmas Trifles

This Poinsettia Gold combo CD includes a Christmas-season collection of festive project-oriented designs with Poinsettia flowers and pines, as well as a perfectly matching font. 5" x 7" hoop is required. You may browse the included collections below:
- Poinsettia Gold Set
- Poinsettia Gold Font

This Vintage Christmas Combo CD includes 9 stunning Christmas designs - various winter motifs, and beautiful Santa Clauses. They are in vintage style, cross stitch technique, 5"x7" hoop. The included collections are available for detailed viewing here:
- Vintage Christmas
- Special Santas

Embroidery Font Newbie!

We've just published this new Poinsettia Gold Font, to compliment the popular Poinsettia Gold design set. So they go great together! The font features 26 capital letters, 6.3 inch height.

This font looks especially beautiful when some of the elements are stitched with Metallic Thread.

Metallics add sparkle and festiveness to Christmas projects!