Monday, March 1, 2010

New Embroidery Fonts for Festive Occasions

We're excited to offer 2 new embroidery fonts, designed especially for Wedding ceremonies, and other festive occasions. One of the alphas is modern, and one - in antique style.

This new alphabet is in Medieval style. It's designed for 4x4 hoops, and comes in 3 sizes. It's ideal to stitch on small gifts, handkerchiefs and various elegant items that ask for a touch of antique luxury, to complete their looks.
The letters are in satin stitch, on background of gentle running stitch flowers. These letters are perfect for stitching 1-letter initials ->

Swirly Initials Font

This modern-style initials font is awesome for personalizing wedding items, like hankies and ring bearer pillows. It's also great for "new baby" stuff, including baby blankets and totes.
Each letter sits on an elegant swirly background, and looks complete on it's own. Perfect for 1-letter initials. The whole font can be seen here ->

Which stabilizer to pick, when stitching on small, or hard-to-hoop items? Personally, I prefer to use one of these 2 types:
1. For items that can be later washed - Water Soluble fabric;
2. In other cases - Peel-N-Stick backing. This stabilizer is now available in additional pack sizes.