Monday, May 6, 2013

Second Huge Triple Sale!!!

Anna Bove Embroidery

Mother's day is on the tip and everyone needs to prepare a present for their most loved mom. We are having a Big 30% Sale on Embroidery Stabilizers that will serve as a valuable and memorable gift. Each stabilizer has it's own unique purposes. The descriptions will guide you when to use each one.Just remember that proper stabilizing is necessary if you want beautiful embroideries, that also keep their good shape in laundry. Happy Shopping!

Thread nets are used for two main purposes - to avoid thread looping while you are embroidering, AND to stop thread from unwinding when it's not being used. In both cases, thread nets solve the problem easily and effectively. If you are using metallic thread, thread nets are a must. You probably won't be able to embroider normally without them.

You may purchase thread nets in different packs - 1 Dozen, 25 nets, 50 nets and 100 nets packs. Each net is approx. 6-inch long, so it fits both 1100 and 5500-yard cones. You can easily cut Thread Nets on half to get size for your embroidery thread cone. It will not unravel.

Guest Towels
This page features our selection of guest towels, which are all great for embroidery and monogramming.

Some towels are so fancy that look beautiful even without stitching anything extra on them, but they are all good as embroidery blanks, and fit great for Cut-Work technique designs! Be sure to get some gift boxes for the towels as well. They make really nice little gifts.

Hurry and take advantage of this opportunity! 

And remember that we offer Free Shipping for all US orders above $150. Happy Shopping!