Thursday, November 25, 2010

Nautical-Style Pillows

These two beautiful projects of nautical-style pillow was kindly provided by Betsy Faske from

Within the first pillow, Betsy combined a duplicated mirrored design of an Eagle from our Heraldic Gold set, and then added one of the calligraphy designs below the mirrored Eagles.
The pillow is made out of 2 linen towels which have woven stripes on them. Betsy stitched the pillows together on the lengthwise sides, faced both outer edges, added buttonholes & buttons, and then put the pillowform inside.
As you may see, due to the combination of navy blue color on the linen towel, buttons and the embroidery, the pillow has that nautical feel:

The second pillow is even more amazing. Take a look. Although this time Betsy used designs from Grapes-N-Wheat design set, which feature grape vines and wheat, but the style is still the same!!! Moreover, when looking at the pillow, the central design may remind a steering wheel, which is a popular nautical motif :)