Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Church Kitchen Aprons

Photos of these beautiful aprons were kindly sent to us by Deb Richeson. Deb, thank you so very much!
Deb created these aprons for her church kitchen, for the ladies who assist the pastor’s wife to prepare weekly meals. Below, deb shared some tips on how the aprons were embroidered. And here are the photos:
Grape Vines
Grape Vines
This apron was embroidered using design from the Grape Vines design set.

Grape Vines font and Christian Symbols 
Christian Symbols
Grape Vines font
This apron was embroidered using designs from the Grape Vines font and Cross in Oval Wreath from Christian Symbols collection.

Teatime JoyDaisy Font and Butterfly Font  
Teatime Joy and Butterfly Font 
Daisy Font
This apron was embroidered using designs from the Daisy Font, Butterfly Font and a design from Teatime Joy collection.

Author Tips - How I embroidered the pocket:
- Remove pocket. 
- Print out design making sure the XY axis shows to indicate design center (using my embroidery software, I added butterflies from the alpha set over the tea set design, and also to create the scripture on the grape vine apron.) 
- Lay out the printed designs on the pocket to your liking. Using wash away pencil make tick marks on the four placement lines. 
- Remove the patterns and again using wash away pencil connect the placements lines to find the design center. Hoop medium weight stabilizer and spray with 505 adhesive. To ensure against slippage I also hand-basted the pocket to the stabilizer. I use two-sided scotch tape on the back of my hoop placement grid. This allows me to center the placement grid over the item to be stitched and correctly place it on the hooped stabilizer. It took two hoopings to embroidery the pockets.