Monday, June 27, 2011

Victorian Whitework Projects by Betsy Faske

Bridal Shower Gift by Betsy Faske

The embroidery designs are from our popular Victorian Whitework series - take a look at all of it's various designs 

This cool set of guest towels and matching pillowcases was created by Betsy Faske, as a gift for bridal shower. 

- Due to the high stitch count for the towels, Betsy floated 2 layers of medium-weight tearaway stabilizer below the hoop. 
- 100% polyester embroidery thread was used for this project, since polyester holds well in laundry.
- 3 layers of Water Soluble Backing was used on top of the towels, to prevent stitches from sinking into the terry cloth.

Victoriana Shirt

This incredible shirt was embroidered by Betsy Faske, the owner of Needles and Pins ( 
As you may see, Betsy combined several designs from Victorian Whitework series to assemble the huge ornament on back of the shirt. Some designs were stitched in solid burgundy thread color, while the other ones - with variegated thread. The multicolor thread is just amazing for those designs!