Friday, June 15, 2012

Father's Day Specials on Anna Bove Embroidery

Fringe, Triangle, Oval, and Diamond Fonts
Dear Friends, For the up coming Father's Day we have published 4 new Fonts which would perfectly suit your loved men since this fonts were tailor-made to be embroidered on the handkerchiefs. 
Gentleman's Choice Fonts
This COMBO CD contains 4 font which were specially designed to be embroidered on men and other items. The fonts embroider fast since they have only two colors (thread changes) and perfect to be embroidered in corners, by county, and in the center in products such as handkerchiefs and many others. The CD contains the "Must Have" fonts and it will be a wonderful gift for your embroidery friends. 
We please to announce that the handkerchiefs are on 20% off sale and hope you will use this opportunity to satisfy all your embroidery needs! 
Happy Embroidering!