Friday, July 6, 2012

2-letter Monograms Project Ideas

Dear Friends. We have collected some ideas/projects on how to use our 2-letter monograms. All project photos were sent to us by our customers.
The shoe idea with an inserting bag filled by dried lavender was created by Bobbie Berry. The bags for the dried lavender Bobbie embroidered separately with a monogram and then inserted it in to the shoe.  This project is very easy to perform and is a good gift.

Golden Rome Monograms
Art Nouveau Monograms

The next two projects are curtain and pillow with a monograms used as a regular decoration designs. By looking at these projects we could tell how originally this monogram use method looks.
Art Nouveau Double Monograms
Art Nouveau Monograms and Art Nouveau Monogram Frames

Here is a one more idea on how to use 2 letter monograms. If you are planning to have a trip and you like to personalize your items than this idea is a perfect match for you. The following bags were made especially for the electronic books, kindles. 
Art Nouveau Monograms and Art Nouveau Monogram Frames
King's Monograms
Golden Crowns

This mystique purple-golden vestment was created by Adrienne Ferrell for a priest - a truly amazing project!  The Vestment was decorated in a Christian Symbols and HIS cryptogram in center. In HIS symbols collection you will find several similar designs. If you are interesting in making cryptogram projects than be sure to visit the Christian Monograms collection page where you would definitely find more designs. 
Christian Symbols
IHS Christograms Set

The easiest way of using 2 letter monograms, for your own purposes or as a gift, is to embroider them on a Guest Towels
A Family Tree Monograms
Antique Style Monograms