Wednesday, December 4, 2013

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40% OFF on Metallic Threads

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This thread is smooth, super shiny, and adds A LOT to embroidery. Sometimes you can turn a very simple design into a festive project, just by using metallic thread. Great for holiday stuff.


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on Guest Towels!!

Some towels are so fancy that look beautiful even without stitching anything extra on them, but they are all good as embroidery blanks, and fit great for Cut-Work technique designs! They make really nice little gifts.


Buy Thread Nets with 40% Sale Now!

You may purchase thread nets in different packs - 1 Dozen, 25 nets, 50 nets and 100 nets packs. Each net is approx. 6-inch long, so it fits both 1100 and 5500-yard cones. You can easily cut Thread Nets on half to get size for your embroidery thread cone. It will not unravel.


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Black & White 10-cone Poly Thread Kit

Regular price: $19.90
Sale price: $13.93

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