Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring & Easter Newbies!

Floral Corners
This first new collection features 12 gentle corners, adorned with flowers.

All of these designs are for 4x4-inch hoops, and are awesome for decorating Easter table.
This set perfectly fits for stitching on napkins, table runners and the like. It's also handy for various baby items, and for embroidery even on lightweight fabrics.
All colors that are needed to stitch these designs, are inside the
Pastel Poly Thread Kit.

Marigold Appliques
The second new designs set is also for spring - it's a jolly floral colection with Marigold flowers, designed in applique technique. It's for 5x7-inch hoops. Great for adorning tableware items and spring quilts!

All colors necessary for stitching it, are located in our popular Spring Poly Thread Kit.