Saturday, May 2, 2009

Free-standing Lace Designs Newbies

We've prepared 2 small project-oriented sets. Both of these design sets support In-Hoop Lace-Insertion technique, allowing you to stitch the laces into projects automatically and very accurately. The embroidery machine does this for you!

Edwardian Tea-Rose Lace
This collection includes 4 lace designs - two rhombus-shaped inserts and two corners, adorned by gentle tea roses. This set is perfect for decorating ladies accessories, as well as tableware items and various other home decor accessories. Like cushions, lamp shades etc ->

Poppy Garden Lace
The second new small set will be a great addition for our extremely popular Poppies Lace set. It features 2 fancy designs - a square lace insert you see now, and a cut-work lace corner. They also ideally fit for stitching.
Remember that lace designs require water-soluble backing. To learn stitching standalone lace designs, and avoiding common issues with lace, visit this page & read our new help topic.