Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pillows with Victorian Whitework Initials by Sharon Harper

Instruction For Beige Pillow
Center monogram from Victorian Whitework Font on fabric, leaving at least 8-10 inches from each side of the monogram for project completion.  Back design area of fabric with tear away stabilizer, hoop fabric, and complete design. Remove from machine, tear away stabilizer. PRESS on WRONG side of fabric.  Cut pillow back of same or contrasting fabric. Stitch back to front, right sides together, using 1/2 seam, and leaving bottom end open for stuffing. Press flat. 
Measure 4" all the way around from the edge of the monogram design and mark with "air erase" pen. Using a winged needle and same thread as embroidery work, sew a hemstitch (or straight) ON THREE SIDES.  Make a pillow insert the size of the finished inside design. Stuff into the project design, pushing up and pinning to hold until the final hemstitch row can be completed. Complete the final hemstitch row at the bottom of the opening to finish the project. 
Instruction for White, Irish Linen Pillow
Select monogram design from Victorian Whitework FontCenter on fabric, leaving at least 8-10 inches on ALL FOUR SIDES for project completion. Back design area of fabric with tear away stabilizer, hoop and complete design. Remove from hoop, tear away stabilizer, PRESS ON WRONG SIDE.  
Sew a row of wide ribbon on each side of front, approximately 3"-4" from design area.  Center an overlay of lace over ribbon and stitch in place. To make button back, cut two pieces of fabric the height of the front with the width having a 4" overlay on the center.  Turn under and hem center opening pieces of back, adding a light weight stiffing.  Overlap and make three buttonholes on one side.  
Sew buttons on the other side to line up with buttonholes. Make pillow insert to fit, stuff and button to finish. (No exact sizes are given so that this pillow can be made to any size.) Sharon Harper