Monday, July 11, 2011

New Dressing Table Vanity Collections!

Today, we are presenting a new collection of designs, made especially for embroidering on dressing table accessories.

Dressing Table Vanity Set and Font

These designs are made in red-work technique and embroider really fast. The set also includes a 2-letter frame and a matching font for personalizing projects.

Dressing Table Vanity Set and Font

This collection will look perfect when embroidered on guest towels, especially tone-on-tone. Such delicate embroidery will surely add a scent of elegance to your designer items.

Summer Bag Using Guest Towels

The new set also includes freebies - a small delicate collection includes 4 camomile red-work embroidery designs, which stitch out VERY VERY fast.  CLICK HERE to download these designs.

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