Sunday, February 19, 2012

Placemat Portfolio - project by Sally Red

Start with a plain, inexpensive double sided, fabric placemat. (This one came from a local dollar store.) Fold up the bottom edge about 3 1/2inches and press using a steam iron.
Mark the center front of the portfolio with a water soluble pen. Hoop a piece of Peel-N-Stick stabilizer. Center align needle, design and center marking and stitch out design of choice.
Pictured in the sample is the Precious Moments font. Other designs worth considering are the Art Nouveau Frames and monograms, two letter monograms, and the Golden Rome font set. 

Fold embroidered placemat in thirds. Mark pen placement with a water soluble marker and stitch along these lines with a reinforcing stitch on your machine, or back tack a straight stitch.
Sew a snap closure or use Velcro dots or even ribbon ties to complete your portfolio. You can add pretty note cards and a pen to accessorize your project perfect for your own use or as a gift for a special friend.
You will need:
Happy Embroidering!