Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Art Nouveau Daffodils 2-letter Monograms

Art Nouveau Daffodils 2-letter Monograms 
New Art Nouveau Daffodils 2 letter monograms include fonts in Art Nouveau style and 2-letter frame to support the letters. Art Nouveau font, which is included in Daffodils 2-etter monograms, could be purchased separately. 
New set was made in identical stile as our previous Daffodils collection and will complement your projects embroidered with this designs.

Also, on our website you will be able to find new Daffodils Appliqué set made in patch-making technique and you may embroidery them not only on the ready garments but also use them as separate patches.
Daffodils Applique 
We hope you will like our new designs. Happy Embroidering!