Thursday, February 17, 2011

Guest Towels Special

We're excited to start offering guest towels in 6 beautiful colors! These are great for kitchen as well, and are wonderful for various styles of embroidery.
Colored Guest Towels
There's a cool special offer for the towels - when buying a set of 12,  in contrasting colors, you get some beautiful designs free, that match the towels perfectly. These sets look very beautiful, and make great gifts!

Buy 6 Honey Maple Guest and 6 Terracotta Guest Towels & Get Honey Couple CD Free.
Honey Couple GT Special
Buy 6 Baby Pink and 6 Baby Blue Guest Towels & Get Baby Birds Couple CD Free
Baby Birds Couple GT Special
Buy 6 Light Violet and 6 Deep Violet Guest Towels & Get Good Morning & Night Violets CD Free
Good Morning & Night Violets GT Special
Buy 12 White Hemstitched Style Guest Towels & Get Retro Classic His-Hers CD Free
Retro Classic GT Special
Buy 12 Ivory Hemstitched Style Guest Towels & Get Art Deco His-Hers CD Free
Art Deco His-Hers GT Special