Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Arbour-Style Birthday Greetings

This gorgeous and smartly fulfilled project was kindly contributed to our gallery by Pamela Denton. Pamela, thank you!!!

As you may see, Pamela used a couple of embroidery designs from Rose Heaven collection, along with lettering and stylish outer frame design, to make two stylish greeting cards.

There are two interesting issues about these cards, besides the fact that they're just tastefully made:

1. The card base consists of paper.

2. The designs and lettering are applied over, as applique, and therefore they stand out and look extremely dimensional.

Here are a few words directly from the author, describing the process:

First, I stitch the flower or other design on a layer of synthetic fabric. I use mostly "crystal organza" and WSF (water soluble film). I then wash dry and press the design before burning around the outline with a fine tipped soldering iron. For these cards, I digitized a trellis, which again was stitched and treated in the same way as the flower design. I burnt in and around the trellis holes and stuck this background onto the card, and then stuck the flower design on top, giving a 3D effect. I have used a number of the ROSE HEAVEN designs for cards, as they are particularly suitable for using in this way.

NOTE: A well ventilated room is essential when using a soldering iron on fabrics.

We hope that you like these cards like we do :o) Also, be sure to send your projects over, and take advantage of our "Projects Club".