Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Unique Fonts for 3-letter Monograms!

We've released two absolutely amazing fonts with heirloom floral monogram wreaths. These alphabets are intended for stitching traditional 3-letter monograms. This is a sure hit for Christmas gifts!

Both of these new monogram sets are designed especially for fine linens. The first collection will perfectly fit to personalize Guest Towels.

Victorian 3-L Monogram Font includes capital letters in 2 sizes, which are easily assembled into any 3-letter monogram. It also features 3 decorative frames, which are adorned with Rose flowers.

This Edwardian-style monogram font is perfect for adorning Hemstitched Lingerie Bag, as well as handkerchiefs.

The letters come in one size, but in 3 different angle versions, to fit the monogram frame, and allow you assemble any monogram easily. Two frames are included - one for a single initial, and one for a classic 3-letter monogram.

Water Soluble Backing is an ideal solution for stitching on ready items. Just hoop the backing, position the item over it, secure and start stitching. Fortunately, this allows to deal with very delicate fabrics, and with pieces that are impossible to hoop, like hankies etc. Happy Embroidering!