Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Darling Collections on Anna Bove Embroidery

Darling Machine Embroidery Set

 Dear Friends, We are here to announce our 3 new collections 
made to be embroidered on Garments and Other Items 
for Babies and little Kiddies. 
These collections include lovely designs of butterflies, bunny rabbits, 
and etc,  decorated in flowers for our beautiful kiddies.
Butterfly Vignette
 Also, If you change the thread colors in this collections, 
you may use them on a ready items for christenings.
Darling Good Night Machine Embroidery Design Set

This collection includes 5 designs of Cute Bunny Rabbits. 
The designs are perfect to be embroidered on bedclothes 
for babies and little kiddies.
Darling Twins Machine Embroidery Design Set

 These collections were made especially for those who 
have twins. It includes 6 designs: 3 for boys and 3 for girls. 
The designs are very bright, decorated in flowers, and will have 
a very impressive look on products for little kiddies. 
All designs embroider very fast, since they have not much 
thread changes.
Happy Embroidery!