Thursday, January 5, 2012

Beautiful Borders - Project by Sally Red

Beautiful borders are easy to do and add a finishing touch to your projects.  To illustrate just how and elegant border treatments can be, I have used the very versatile Victoriana Font.  
First, select the “S” from the monogram design set and stitch it out, mirror imaged, along the border of a tea towel.
Next, freehand draw a line with a water soluble pen echoing the design shape.
Finish the raw edge with a zigzag or serge stitching.  At this point, you could simply fold the finished edge under and topstitch or apply trims or binding to your preference.
To complete your towel just stitch out the monogram of choice…
and you have a beautifully bordered tea towel. A border can dress up a guest towel, too!
To see another project made with this font, look for the casserole carrier tutorial in the project gallery.  Other design sets with beautiful coordinating borders that would be perfect for similar projects would be Bindweed, Mistletoe and Poppy Font sets.  Sally Red