Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Black Lingerie Laundry Bags

Project, send by Patty Gaugler is difficult to embroider, and requires a good knowledge of materials you use. But, the result is worth it! Patty, Thank you so much for your photos and instructions.

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Materials needed:
Black fabric “fishnet”, either cotton or synthetic
Zipper 14 “ or longer
Serger to finish the edges
Black organza scraps
Black sewing thread
Art Nouveau Garden Set

Cutting and Sewing:
Cut a piece of fabric 30” by about 13. It can be any size you like, a smaller bag holds nylon stockings, a larger bag would be nice to wash delicate blouses. Cut a piece of black organza to go on the back. Use a piece large enough to fit in your hoop, then cut it smaller after embroidering. It will stay permanently on the inside of the bag and you won’t see it.

Hoop the fabric with the organza. I didn’t need any additional stablizer, but you may want to add some water-soluble stabilizer. Sew a single design. Unhoop, trim the organza around the design leaving about one inch.

If your zipper is longer than you need, you can stitch across the bottom to make a “stop” and then cut it shorter. If you used a metal zipper, use pliers to remove some of the teeth before you try to sew across that spot. Or you may trim off the top of the zipper after sewing it on.

Sew the zipper to both ends. Then fold in half and sew up the sides. I used a “stretch” stitch on my sewing machine, it’s like a narrow zigzag. Then serge around the edges.

I made two bags, to use two designs. One is for my sister. ;)