Monday, February 21, 2011

"Cat Woman" Tote with Pink Ribbon & Black Cats

This amazing project was kindly sent to us by Bobbie Berry from Memphys. Bobbie is our most frequent contributor of project up to this date, and she mentioned that this tote is one her favorites. We feel the same way!
This tote is sewn exactly like the other totes Bobbie created, with one difference - here the handles are split, because Bobbie decided to try something different. These split handles can be tied together, or a button and buttonhole can be added for closure.

Here is a detailed instruction for sewing a tote bag just like this one. And below come some photos in process of sewing this very specific tote.

Materials used:
1. Designer fabric - white with pink stripes.
2. Pink fabric for the lining and handles.
3. Some stiffning fabric/stabilizer (optional).
4. Black Cats machine embroidery designs.
5. A piece of pink ribbon, preferably with white dots, about 1-inch wide.

This photo shows the fabric used for the inside lining of the tote
This is the process of adding a small pocket to the lining
Here Bobbie is sewing pink handles to the outer side of the tote

Closing the tote bottom

The tote nearly ready, with lining still open
Adding a securing and decorative line of stitches to the tote top

Tote ready, with a gorgeous dotty ribbon added to it's side!