Monday, February 21, 2011

Romantic Heart-Shaped Pillow with Beaded Fringe

This gorgeous pillow makes a stunning gift for nearly any girl or lady. It's just too beautiful. The photos and instructions have been kindly provided by Bobbie Berry. Bobbie, THANK YOU!
Paisley Ornaments
Materials used:
1. A piece of baby-blue silk for the pillow cover
2. Peel-N-Stick embroidery backing, to stitch the design on slippery silk using "hoopless embroidery"
3. Some beaded fringe for the trim
4. Pillow filling
5. A piece of pink and yellow silk ribbons, to create the silk flowers decoration
6. Designs from Paisley Ornaments embroidery designs set

And here are a few words from the author:
1. The pattern was made from just free-hand drawing until the right shape was reached, then folded in the middle from top to bottom and cut out with scissors.
2. The embroidery was done before the heart shape was cut from the fabric.
3. I was going to stitch the pillow together on the machine, but eventually had to give up that idea and stitch it by hand.  The crystal trim made it too difficult to do on the machine.
4. As you can see in the photos, I have combined the rose and another yellow flower, and fixed them to a jewelry bar pin and pinned it to the cleft of the heart.